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You walk into the abandoned gym and there you see such a fine looking lady restrained to an old tattered punching bag still hanging from the rafters.  Attached by the wrists an UN-able to get out her stomach flexes heavy. You know what you must do and so does she.  She takes her final deep breaths before you begin. She immediately starts to sweat while you put on the lead filled grappling gloves. The gloves were cut open and solid lead plates sewed inside across the knuckles stick outward ready to damage and destroy it's target. The heavy weighted lead filled gloves will always penetrate the toughest abs. Knowing the gloves will break her she tries to be sexy hoping you will have mercy on her. You start out testing the gloves jabbing her toned flat stomach and she gives you a sexiest grunts in return. Quick many  jabs repeatedly for a long time makes her flex and tighten up her stomach muscles as her breath escapes through her open mouth. You like and enjoy her slutty reactions as you continue eventually nailing her UN-flexed and  forcing her stomach to tighten to it's maximum capability until her abs finally wear down. Then you time your punches so the harder blows sink in deep between her short gasps for air.  She tries to play it off as if she can take it as you pound her stomach against the slowly swinging heavy bag but her gasps for a breath give it away. She is broken and busted and while her abdominal wall can no longer flex your solid lead plates inside the glove do its job hitting home with harder and deeper effective impacts. It turns you on and you don't stop punching this stomach completely destroying her until your arm tires out from the glove being so heavy.  You do a fine job on this gym bag slut who you leave swaying for another time.  (Point Of View. POV. Darker setting, alone just you and she.)

21 Minutes. 654 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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