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Mounted and perched, blindfolded and restrained, her big soft round belly is for the taking. sticking outward soft and relaxed she awaits for the deepest punches that impact her to orgasm.  Every blow penetrates deeper then deep into all areas of her soft bloated belly.  In her own come soaked panties she rides the inserted vibrating toy while she stick out her belly to taunt the puncher.   Choked into ecstasy and with little breath the pounding blows slam into the softest round belly.  This true pain slut wants more and more and the and the Dungeon Master  doesn't let up. Beaten into subspace she wants it harder and deeper. Deeper then deep the cherry red belly swells up and bloats with visible welts as her wet private cums over and over. She sticks it out and unable to see when it comes she takes it all in with orgasmic pleasure. The intense pain brings her to climax while fingered and vibrated to extreme sensations.  YES she says as she cums again waiting for the shocking blow deep into her stomach.  This custom video request of Master and Slave brings this Belly Queen  into tingling sub-space and gives her the sexual pleasure a true pain slave can possibly ask for.

23 Minutes. 708 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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