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Alexis Grace wants to be Jill Lauren's new star. Ashley Grace   wishes to continue to be Jill's star and needs to break down Alexis while tied to the St.Andrews Cross.  Alexis continues to call Ashley names and insult her while being punched in the stomach.  Ashley becomes angry as she is being insulted and beats Alexis as hard as she can until Alexis starts crying and begs for the stomach punching to stop.  Ashley continues to punch Alexis and make her Hard ABS  soft and hurting.  Alexis cries, Ashley knee's Alexis a few times more until she is hanging low with no strength to stand.  Ashley breaks down Alexis and works her ABS beat red and sore. Jill Lauren then awards Ashley for doing a good Job beating up Alexis.  This custom video order was written and ordered by "Saxman". 

23 minutes.  536 MB.  wmv format.   Free Preview

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