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Upgrade has paid Belly Girl 18 and Riot for a session of sexual domination. She is on her back with her legs shackled over a half barrel and a bench under her shoulders. Belly Girl punches and plays with her exposed belly as Upgrade writhes with pleasure and asks for more. Initially it is consensual,  Upgrade enjoys being dominated by Belly Girl 18 who stands beside her while Riot assists , feels her stomach, crotch and  massages her breasts than punches her stomach a few times. She oils her stomach so it is nice and shiny.  Belly Girl 18 slowly lowers the bar so Upgrade has to pull up to prevent her back from hyper extending. Upgrade has a choice between pulling up on her arms, which soon ache and tire or bending backwards straining her back and abs. Upgrade goes through extreme abdominal pain, Her limits were pushed as she was forced to flex the entire time. She is subjected to Intense pleasure and pain as she submits to the powerful punches of Belly Girl 18 and Riot.
26 Minutes.  430 MB.  WMV. Format. Free Preview.

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