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Mistress Alix and Controversy, two of the best in domination. Ava and Lily , two of the best submissive beauties. Double booked the 4 of them agree to have a contest all together. The two Submissive girls challenge the two punchers! The punchers decide to handcuff the girls by the wrists back to back, and then go at them together.  Ava and Lily are tough and determined to stay standing so they lock their fingers together to support each other as the punches come relentlessly and their stomachs get red and swollen and their curvy butts slide on each other as they struggle not to fall.  Mistress Alix and Controversy work the girls over as they stand determined not to go down. The pain takers with their red swollen stomachs refuse to go down and hold each other from falling after each direct blow while the power hitters deliver extreme stomach punches.

27 Minutes. 645 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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