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Ava's little sister was snooping around the studio looking for her big sister when Abby captured her and caged her. Baby Sis is now captured for our pleasure. After a while, Abby removes Baby Sis from her cage and secures her to the cross where she pummels her tiny little weak virgin belly. Baby Sis had her stomach punched in for the very first time, ever. Fitness model Abby Star knows just where to hit her so that she would feel the worst pain. Baby Sis now knows what it feels like to have her stomach worked over. During the entire duration of the pummeling, she learns to flex. Abby was very interested to see what a young, flat, weak stomach can take and was very turned on by dominating Ava's little sister. Baby Sis was put back in her cage after Abby spent time working over her abs.

24 Minutes. 560 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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