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Maximum Security: Prison guard security wants answers from the sexy tough inmate that just will not give in at all. UPGRADE TAKES THE MOST BRUTAL BEATING and never tells what the guard needs to know. Trying  hard the guard tries to beat the answer out of her. This hair pulling, face slapping, stomach punching officer give her the beating of a lifetime. Determine to get answers the officer beats this chained woman non-stop,, still no answers, still not giving up she spits, kicks and screams for her life as the beating continues. She never tells. Upgrade is punched with brutal force time and time again. Still she never gives in to the officer. The restrained woman gets her ABS, stomach punched and is winded breathless while no recovery time is given at all. Beat to a pulp her belly swells up until the guard tires out and the restrained human punching bag breaks free.  REVISED with Clear HD viewing quality, larger file size, enhanced colors and pro audio sound quality.

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