KAY & JAY (Volume 4)

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Jay the boss is working the night shift at the office. Kay walks in jay's office wearing a short dress and asks for a raise in pay. Jay asks; "What will you do for me?" Kay sits on his desk facing him and leans back spreading her legs open for him to see her hot wet private begging for attention. Jay likes what he see's and gives Kay oral pleasure. Jay takes off her panties and starts working her sexy belly over punching it while she lets him take her. Jay continues to pound away at Kay punching her sexy stomach while Giving it to her deep and hard. Kay asks Jay after he explodes all over her red sore exposed stomach if she deserves the raise in pay. Jay agrees that Kay earned it and gives her the raise she sure deserves. Kay takes a hard beating inside and out while Jay makes her earn her pay raise. 23 Minutes. 550 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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