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 Jill chained down naked, tied down on her stretch rack with a half barrel under her back. She is twisting,  Webmaster  calls Ivy Sinn to beat Jill down. Ivy Sinn comes in wearing a tight T-shirt and shorts. Ivy punches and stretches Jill mercilessly with very little pause between punches. She hits Jill with a mallet, baseball bats and a big wrench, including with the points of the open end. Halfway through she blindfolds Jill. Jill can only beg for mercy. At the end Ivy unties Jill and leaves her in pain on the bench. Jill turns onto her side clutching her stomach. Jill suffers in pain. This is an extreme brutal beating and Jill was not able to flex her ABS for any of the impacts due to being stretched backwards over the half barrel and with her arms and legs being pulled every punch and blow with every tool Ivy used was extremely painful. Even the lower belly impacts from Ivy was too much for Jill to bare. Even the very low punches to the solar plexus punches was too much for Jill to take because of Jill's back breaking position.

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