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 This is extremely brutal belly punching until victim is UN-responsive. The Goal: To break down the abdominal wall. The Position: Everyone standing and the subject tied up on the half barrel. The Subjects Look: Entire stomach to be bare. The Punchers: No talking. No noises from the hitters. Placement: Mount subject on a table so direct straight on punches would be most effective. Subjects Condition: Skinny, slight 4 pack on inhale, smooth and soft when UN-flexed. Jasmine is broken down moment by moment. The Camera Work: Steady camera work, with some close ups. What Jasmine Should Expect: To taste her own tears as they roll down her face. Pain like she never experienced in her life. Her stomach to be punched and destroyed completely beyond her limits.

20 Minutes. 478 MB.  wmv Format.  Free preview

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